Circle A Family Rodeo Rules

There have been some changes for 2018 please read:

A few of the notable changes include:
We will no longer have the Chute Dogging event.
You do not need to be a member to compete, however, non-members will pay an additional $10 non-member fee. Non members are eligible for day money, but will not accumulate points for year end awards. Team ropers must also have a membership to compete for year end awards, the $10.00 non-member fee applies to team ropers as well.
Memberships must be paid before any points will be accumulated.
Members will no longer be able to compete in more than one division. They may choose to ride up a division, but not down and the division in which they want to compete must be declared at the 1st rodeo.
In the PeeWee events, the contestant may be led through the pattern, but only on foot, no ponying of horses on horseback will be allowed.
In the goat tying events, only Circle A staff will be allowed on the track to catch horses. 
Exhibition runs will still be limited to 2 runs per contestant per event, but the entry fee will be $5.00/run.
Entry fees will not be refunded! The only exceptions will be in the event of a medical or veterinary emergency and a statement from a doctor or vet will be required.