New Website and Online Entry!

Good morning everyone - this is long, bear with us and read in full please! 
We're very excited to announce that the new Circle A Family Rodeo website is up and operational, as is our online event entry! 

If you became a Circle A member at the June 3 or 4th rodeo, (and we could read your penmanship with your email address) you should have received an email late last night titled "Welcome to the 2017 Circle A Family" and from You will receive one email for each competing family member as each competitor has a unique membership number.

If you did not receive this email 1. add to your safe/approved senders list. 2. check your junk/spam folders. 3. email rodeoinfo@circleafamilyrodeo or call (303) 419-0886 and let Cari know! AOL in particular was kicking a lot of the emails back...
If you did receive the email, PLEASE READ the email in it's entirely and thoroughly. There's a lot of information there. And then, CHECK IT OUT! Enter the July 1st and July 2nd rodeos - but remember, we can't yet accept online payments, so you will need to come to the office on rodeo morning to pay your entry fees (cash only).

IF YOU ARE NOT YET A MEMBER- remember, you can become one at any time during the rodeo season! Visit the Membership page on the website for more information!

As always, there may be some growing pains as we get used to this new system and work out the kinks. We appreciate your feedback with it, as well as on the new website and thank you in advance for your patience.